Capture The Flag 

The CTF Cyber Interest (CCIG) is a group that participates in many internal and external Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions.

Capture the Flag events are cyber-security and computer-related competitions that are regularly hosted in both academic and professional contexts. There are many different types of events that fall under the category of CTFs, but all of them are a good opportunity to improve your skills and show off to employers, who not only look for activities like these in a resume but also scout some of the more prominent competitions!

Alongside playing CTFs the group frequently has lectures coupled with hands-on exercises for people that attend! These meetings are typically broken up into subgroups so that if you’re a beginner, you’re not overwhelmed and if you’re more advanced, you still face a challenge and learn something new! If you are interested in improving and testing your skills as a computer expert, be sure to attend our bi-weekly meetings and come hang out in the Discord. 



  • Alex Marti
  • Austin Tice


  • Jacob Sweeten


  • Carli Williams
  • Yoshinori Agari